Our Doctors & Staff

Dr. Vivian Villalobos


Dr. Villalobos is the epitome of professionalism, skill, and dedication.  Graduating from the University of Cartagena as a Doctor of Dentistry at the young age of 22 she emigrated from Columbia to the US with her new husband to begin their new life and have a family.  She is the proud mother of two wonderful and educated young men.  Her passion led her to continue her studies at NYU College of Dentistry and successfully graduate in 1990.  Dr. Villalobos is very health conscious and loves the outdoors.  She continuously pursues and participates in continuing education classes and cutting-edge seminars to stay up to date on new scientific findings and cutting-edge technologies.  Her knowledge and experience coupled with her unwavering passion make her a top-notch professional in her field.

Maria Ramos


There is no denying that the back bone of our front office operations is Maria.  She has been a loyal and knowledgeable team member for over 15 years.  Her warmth, friendliness and knowledge is unparalleled.  She keeps up with new systems and tools by continuously attending seminars and workshops all year round making sure that the patient experience is an accurate, speedy and friendly one. The love and respect she receives from our patients is true testimony to that.  Her outgoing and energetic personality keeps her busy with all sorts of projects on her time off.

Belkys Girard


Belkys joined our team in 2012.  A graduate of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, which traces its foundation all the way back to 1538.  She is highly trained and stays current by continuously attending seminars and workshops.  Her gentle and compassionate nature eases any patient concerns.  On her time off Belkys is an avid church goer and is a doting mother to a lovely and bright daughter.

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